5 tips to follow to create the site of a jewelry store

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For a jewelry shop it has become very important to have a website with which to promote their products. Due to the economic crisis, the market has contracted and to find new customers the online world is the only solution available.

Creating an e-commerce site is not easy. We must pay attention to many small details that make the difference and that allow our site to be the best and most appreciated by users. First of all, we need to invest on optimizing content to be in the top positions of search engines. Do not underestimate the images of the jewels that we publish on e-commerce: dark and unclear photos would make the customer / user run away.

If we do not have a large budget available, Libero Pages , Italiaonline service, allows you to create a website for your business for free, importing content directly from the company's Facebook page. By synchronizing the Facebook page with the website , the user can choose which news, posts, events and images to publish on the site. The user has a great deal of freedom in building the site and will be able to choose between 11 different responsive themes, that is to say that they adapt according to the size of the device that is being used.

Add an e-commerce
To make your investment come to fruition, after creating the website you must also create an e-commerce where you can sell your goods. Selling online is the easiest way to increase your business, even though in recent years the market has become increasingly competitive. With Libero Pages, creating an online store is quite simple and intuitive: after having purchased the E-commerce plan you create a catalog with the products available, you import the photos from the Facebook page , you add the description with the price for each item (paying attention to the rules from the SEO) and you decide the payment method (Paypal). At this point you can start to promote your site and wait for the first order.

The importance of SEO
After creating e-commerce the most complicated part arrives: to get users on the website. And for this reason it is very important to invest in SEO , or in the optimization of content for search engines. The majority of users who buy online, use services like Google to search for the product with the best value for money. Being in the first positions for the keywords that affect your industry is of fundamental importance for any e-commerce site. And therefore also for jewelerswho have opened an online store. To understand which keywords to use, it is necessary to use online services that help understand users' search intentions. Many are paid, but there are also some free ones: we suggest Google Keyword Planner and Answerthepublic.

The importance of images
How to convince a user that the watch matches perfectly with its outfit? Publishing images of the jewels worn by models that lend themselves to the game (you can ask for help even to friends and relatives). The "real" images of watches and necklaces lead users to buy items much faster. The photos should highlight the beauty of the jewels, so we recommend you take them under the "spotlights" and on sunny days.

Who we are and how to reach us
To establish a relationship of trust with its users it is necessary to create a page dedicated to the store . Telling the story of their business it is easier to convince users / customers to buy our products, since in many cases the person who buys lives hundreds of miles away. For this reason it is useful to add a map that allows you to locate the location of the jewelry: in this way, a customer can come and visit us directly in the store.



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