I've already talked about how people buy tons of jewelry every day. I have also explored the way in which profit margins really live up to the company that makes the sales.

But what are other advantages in selling jewelry online?

The jewels are small and easy to send. Not only that, but there is a small chance that something will break when you send it.
The jewels are incredibly different, allowing a wide selection of options in your online store. For example, there are hundreds of options such as gold, gemstones and shells, along with types of necklaces, anklets and rings. You can choose to focus on one of these categories or create a large store with everything.
Customization is an option. Sellers can create their own personalized jewelry and earn even more by taking customer requests.
You have a lot of supply options available.

Finally, people like to buy and sell jewelry online. It is a thriving market for people who share their memorabilia from the past and hope to find their next favorite gem.

The jewel is a hobby similar to a bicycle, where the passion for jewelry feeds the industry.

Now that we have outlined the reasons for diving, keep reading to learn how to sell jewelry online.The first order of the day is to find out where the jewel comes from. Take a look at your niche (such as gemstone necklaces or fine earrings) and take it into consideration when looking for your suppliers.

You have two options to consider for your procurement process: wholesale or dropshipping.

Buying wholesale means buying larger quantities of jewelry and storing them in a place of your choice. This is the traditional way of conducting business and comes with its pros and cons:

Keep more control over quality as you can touch and examine the jewels.
You can ship faster and pack the jewels as you wish.
Because the jewelry is so small, this approach often leads to minimal storage costs (as if you had stored inventory in your garage or basement).
Bulk purchase is often more expensive because of storage, shipment and packaging.
You are stuck in buying large quantities of inventory. Therefore, you could get stuck with unsold goods.
More work is required for your part. Think about shipping and packaging.
On the other hand, you could go with dropshipping , which means you'll work with a dropshipping supplier that handles all aspects of packing, storing and shipping your jewelry. Your main responsibility is to manage your website, the market and manage customer support.

Dropshipping is typically much less expensive in the long run.
Most of the tedious work of shipping and packing is done by the supplier.
You do not have to worry about filling up your garage or looking for expensive warehouse space.
You lose control over the shipping process. It may take a long time for your customers to receive items.
You do not get to check the products before they are sent.
Customer service becomes complicated as you are not accepting returns or shipping products.
When you make bulk purchases, open up all sorts of opportunities to find suppliers. In fact, most jewelry manufacturers will at least consider giving you a wholesale discount. For example, Azeera, the custom jewelry company, has partnered with online stores to provide beautiful jewelry at wholesale prices.

It is also possible to reach local producers as margins can be adjusted to offset higher costs and take control of shipping times using closer manufacturers.

Since many of you will have different niches, it is better to look for wholesale jewelry online and see what happens. For example, you will see a quick search for Bella Moda and Rose Wholesale , both of which have broad selections and interesting categories.

You can also contact a supplier on AliExpress or Alibaba . This usually means that you will work with a Chinese supplier, but there are many reliable options to choose from.



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