Incomparable chooses Inbound Marketing to sell jewelry online

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When Marilyn sang Diamonds Are at Girl's Best Friend , she certainly did not imagine that, if her beauty had crossed the boundaries of time, today she could buy her best friends quietly sitting on the sofa at home. Granted that Marilyn had a couch, and was the type to sit quietly.

I met the Incomparable project because I was asked to tell his story and I was absolutely fascinated.

What cruelty to ask a woman to tell the story of a project that provides, for each page read, the vision of beautiful goldsmith objects.

Incomparable. The name already evokes beauties difficult to describe, impossible to compare.

I was curious about the choice of this name; In fact, the name of a diamond worth 20 million dollars, The Incomparable Diamond, a stone of 890 carats found in Congo by a young girl, is among the waste materials of a mine.

So here we are at the first metaphor

"History teaches us that we need to know where to look for things of value"

Exactly the mission of Incomparable: look for the best quality at the best price.

Galvanized by my discovery I tried to understand something more, to go beyond what is reported in the ecommerce and blog, and I was able to interview Gilberto Vendramin , Co-Founder of the project.

Tell me about the Incomparàbile project; who you are, what you do and why you are different.

We are a group of professionals who have at least 40 years of know-how in the Italian jewelery sector. Our history is born from the artisan knowledge of our suppliers, recognized in the world as a synonym of quality, refinement, style and elegance.
The Incomparable project was born when we realized that the craft and value jewelery market was ready to be proposed in an innovative way. He had to cross the borders of the artisan workshop, propose the same quality, but in a global context. Margherita-ring

We knew the best craftsmen, we selected them to have the security of offering a product of the highest value. A value also intrinsic, where the materials, precious stones, the artisan tradition were the elements to create beautiful and timeless objects.

We have always been looking for beauty, and we believe that we can offer valuable jewelery also through e-commerce, at the best possible price.

We thought we should do it in Italy, because who better than a group of goldsmith experts can put the best craftsmen in contact with the best customers, but looking at the world, at the international market.

This vision has led us to be the first e-commerce of Italian artisan jewelery jewels to turn to the American market with a niche product, strongly characterized by the Made in Italy brand .



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